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Some General Rules

PEW Experts applies these general rules:

  • Contact: Your e-mail and phone details. This allows us to ask some sharp questions about what you can expect to receive from PEW Experts.
  • Details: Be specific with your details. The more comprehensive a description you provide, the higher the chances of getting the right expert.
  • Deadline: We request you to tell us the exact date by which you'd like to get finished edits. Our experts take pride in quality and deadlines, so do your best.
  • Costs: Editing and proofreading costs vary widely. We charge per word, and the total word count is an important part of our estimate. In general, we charge 3 cents/word for proofreading, 5 cents/word for editing, and 8 cents/word for writing a piece from scratch.

Inform us if you see something inappropriate. We do all we practically can. We reserve the rights to kick out anyone who breaks the rules. But we can't actually promise that we'll follow all.

Privacy Policy

Please check our privacy policy page.


Our service is available for everyone who needs editing, proofreading, and writing help. Don't use if you don't qualify. is Only a Website

Again: is only a website. It's up to you to correspond directly with experts at, with whom you're considering entering into a contract. You should ask anything to evaluate their reliability.

There's a possibility that the information posted sometimes is offensive, harmful or wrong. We expect you to use common sense while using

Your Security: Our Main Concern

Once you're a registered customer, you'll get an account. You're entirely responsible if you don't maintain your account and password confidential. You can change your username or password any time by following simple instructions given on our website. But, you're not allowed to open extra (or two) accounts with different names.

If you've found something fishy and someone is using your name (by using your username and password), you have to inform us immediately.

Message and file storage

We take no responsibility for the removal or failure to stored files, messages sent/received, or any other communication type on

User Conduct

Your use of is subject to all relevant rules and regulations. You have to agree:

  • To obey U.S. law regarding the spread of technical data,
  • Not to use for against-the-law purposes,
  • Not to obstruct or disturb networks connected; and
  • To obey all rules, policies and measures of networks connected.

Without limiting any other remedies, reserves the right to cease your account if you're engaged in any deceitful activity in connection with our website. Any attempt to gain not-permitted access to our systems is illegal and strictly not allowed. We reserve the right to terminate user's account immediately in case of any suspicious attempt.

System integrity

You're not allowed to use any device or software to interrupt (or attempt to interrupt) the working of You can't do anything that imposes an excessive load on our infrastructure. You're not allowed to share your password with anyone and for any illegal purpose.

Limitation of Legal Responsibility isn't liable for any direct, indirect, secondary, primary, or substantial damages, resulting from:

  • Use, and nonuse, of the service or for cost of procurement of substitute services;
  • Any goods and services obtained, acquired, received or transactions entered through the service;
  • Illegal access to or change of user's spread of data, including but not limited to, damages for profit losses, use, data or other indefinable, even if has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Some authorities don't allow the limits or exclusion of liability for minor or resulting damages so some of the above limits may not apply to you.

Changes in the Services

As our name indicates, we're providing three types of services:

  • ยท Proofreading: We proofread any text for typos, spaces, spellings, punctuations, capitalizations, sentence structures, syntaxes, choices, tenses, arrangements, and overall flow and tonal consistency for the customers.
  • Editing: We edit the text for typos, spaces, spellings, punctuations, capitalizations, sentence structures, syntaxes, word choices, tenses, arrangements, and overall flow and tonal consistency for the customers.
  • Writing: We write the text from scratch for the customers. reserves the right to modify or discontinue these services with or without any prior notice. We aren't legally responsible should exercise its right to modify or discontinue the services.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any claim or demand.

Termination of Account reserves the right to terminate your account any time. We're not liable to you or any other party for termination of account.

If you're not happy, we suggest you to stop using the services.

Upon termination, you'll have no legitimate right to use this service. We'll cease your account. We'll have no responsibility thereafter to send any message to you.


The laws of the United States of America, and the state of New York, shall govern this contract. You irrevocably approve the jurisdiction of New York courts.

Any failure to exercise or implement any right or provision shall not represent a waiver of such right or provision unless approved and agreed by in writing.

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