Be careful:

  • Don’t rely on word processors. They’ll not flag the incorrect words.
  • Don't trust grammar checkers. They're notoriously incapable of interpreting complex sentences, often returning grossly incorrect advice.
  • Don’t let your friend or an inexperienced person proofread your text.
  • Don’t try to do it yourself as well. You can’t catch your own mistakes; it’s a human nature.

Proofreading mistakes can damage the credibility of your documents.

    Here’s how we proofread your document.

    We correct:

  • Spelling errors

    Spelling errors:

    Spelling errors are most frequent and distract your readers.

  • Transposition errors

    Transposition errors:

    Transposition errors are letters, numbers, punctuation marks, words or even sentences keyed out of order.

  • Added Copy Errors

    Added copy errors:

    Another deadly, yet widespread, error is adding extra letter, space, number, or punctuation mark.

  • Omitted Copy Errors

    Omitted copy errors:

    These errors occur whenever you left out a space, character or word.

  • Incorrect letters

    Incorrect letters:

    Striking a wrong key results in misstroke. Misstroke are easy to overlook in long words.

  • Mechanical errors

    Mechanical errors:

    Mechanical errors include transposition, capitalization, spacing, punctuation marks, and spelling errors.

And many more...