Struggling with how to edit your document?

Have you ever gotten back a paper marked up with colorful permutation? How did you feel about yourself as a writer? Did you want to write more? Did you immediately or even later sit down with a style guide and review your patterns of error and make an action plan on how you'd do better next time? Or did you toss it in the trash or hide it in a folder, since the attempt was obviously a failure?


Here’s how we edit out common writing traps.

Our expert editors will:

  • Review structure and logic before revising sentences and refining vocabulary.
  • Evaluate paragraph and sentence length, accessibility of vocabulary, and general tone from your readers' perspective.
  • Edit the structure and arguments before the words.
  • Check verbs for power and nouns for simplicity.
  • Consider your readers, their requirements, their ease of reading, and their problems understanding and following your analysis and recommendations.
  • Edit the big picture before the details.
  • Evaluate your sentences and vocabulary by focusing on your audience.
  • Eliminate jargon and unnecessary words.

Expert editing makes your writing mistakes unmistakable. We examine every word you put on paper and ferret out useless words and errant grammar and usage.

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